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Enjoy FiOS connections in Atlanta with Verizon Internet

Verizon, one of the country’s top internet service providers has a track record of providing reliable and fast internet connections to more than 49 states and 3,060 counties.

Verizon internet plans use three different technologies such as Fiber, DSL, and Mobile as a way to connect their millions of satisfied customers to the internet. Not only that, the company has been shown to offer the lowest internet price, the fastest downstream speeds, and the highest allowance of data caps.

Verizon has taken one step up when it comes to internet connections in Atlanta by offering Verizon FiOS plans and packages using the latest fiber optic technology. By signing up for FiOS you get the same downstream and upstream speeds which are offers like no other! The fastest downstream speeds available with Verizon range from 100 Mbps to 500 Mbps. Choosing the downstream speed tier you want and need gives you the same upstream speed which makes for fast and easy uploading of big files.

The Fiber technology is not only with the internet connections, it extends to TV plans and packages as well. Signing up for the company’s TV plans and packages automatically gives you social networking access using your TV. On Demand movies become available as well with more than 130,000 titles to choose from. An extra monthly fee of $10.00 connects you to 20 available local channels in your area with 5 of them in HD.

Here are some of the amazing TV deals offered by FiOS plans and packages:

FiOS Custom TV

Choose this plan if you want a tailor-made TV plan that includes all your favorite channel lineup.


With Preferred, get more than 245 channels including FoxNews, Comedy Channel, ESPN, MTV, TNT, and Syfy. Free HD is included in more than 70 channels.

FiOS TV Extreme HD

Level up your TV viewing as you watch more than 95 channels in HD. The plan includes more than 325 channels including Sundance, FX, BBC America, and more.

FiOS TV Ultimate HD

Get the ultimate TV experience with more than 140 channels in HD and a lineup of more than 435 channels with this plan. Included channels are popular favorites such as Fusion, TMC, MGM in HD, Showtime, EPIX, Revolt, and Cinemax.

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