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Enjoy these TDS Internet deals in Atlanta

TDS internet packages are now offered in Atlanta that is capable of giving you high-speed internet connections you’ve always wanted. Yet, residents who only go online for basic needs can still avail of services from TDS because the company believes that what you need is what you should get.

The internet speeds offered by TDS include:

Lite Plan

The downstream speed of 1 Mbps will work perfectly for light internet users who only go online to check emails and a bit of browsing.

Express Plan

A speed tier higher with downstream speeds from 2-5 Mbps, the Express plan is suitable for some light streaming and social networking. The contract is for 6 months for a monthly charge of $9.95.

Turbo Plan

At a higher downstream speed from 18-25 Mbps, the Turbo will hit the perfect spot for people who are into streaming, gaming, socializing, and doing everything else online. This speed tier is also capable of supporting multiple devices used simultaneously without having to sacrifice the fast internet connection. Big households who want to stay connected all the time will benefit from getting this plan. Signing up for the plan is under a 6-month contract for a monthly rate of $14.95.

Extreme Plan

The super-fast downstream speeds from 18-25 Mbps can readily support any online home business as well as make all the members of the household enjoy their various internet activities using different devices at the same time, all the time. The subscription will hold you for a 6-month contract for a monthly bill of $34.95.

Prices given are subject to change and availability of the service depends on the location as well. You can check out more information regarding price and availability of offers from TDS by giving us a call or pressing the link given today.