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High-Speed Frontier Internet is available in Atlanta

More and more homes in Atlanta has seen the need for a high-speed internet connection that does not have to burn a hole in the pocket. Frontier Internet, Atlanta knows what their customers want in terms of affordability and fast internet connections while doing away with tying them down with contracts.

Brief descriptions of the offered services Frontier in Atlanta include:

Fast internet connections

The use of FiOS Internet is a speedy option for busy households with a busy online lifestyle such as gaming, streaming or social networking without lagging, long downstream waiting, and data caps limitation. All these online activities are ably supported by Frontier internet with their 24/7 customer service, free use of their wireless router under zero contracts. Downstream speeds of up to 50 Mbps is available and bundling it with FiOS TV service saves you more as well as give you the best entertainment package.

Frontier Home Phone connections

Landlines used to be a way of life that became outmoded during the introduction of mobile phones. Yet, the trend seems to be coming back for landlines when pricing for mobile phone calls became pricey with lesser reliable service. The use of landlines have been found to be cheaper and more reliable, more so when it concerns 911 calls. Calling 911 from a landline instantly gives your location to the operators which are crucial during times of emergencies. Landlines are not affected by power outages and home phone plan from Frontier is a smart way to enjoy all the features such as affordable rates for long distance calls. Local calls are unlimited.


Frontier is a partner of DirecTV which can be bundled along with the internet and home phone services. One way for subscribers to save money on these utilities is to bundle them together ending up with one monthly bill for all. The DirecTV plan offers more than 315 channels and opting out for the one that includes the Genie HD-DVR gives you the capability to record your favorite shows and movies in 5 rooms all the time, every time you want it. Bringing your loved shows with you wherever you are can also be enjoyed with the use of the DirecTV app.

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