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Cox Cable and Internet Provider is right here in Atlanta

Cox cable is right here in Atlanta where other telecommunication companies only have branches. Cox cable, Atlanta, is considered to be the country’s third-largest provider for cable and internet services. Offers coming from Cox cable in Atlanta have you covered from the high-speed internet, digital TV, and digital home phone.

This is great news for residents of Atlanta where opportunities of getting the best internet, TV, and phone services can be readily available which other companies cannot give. Here is a brief description of the amazing deals you get when you subscribe to Cox cable:

Internet services from Cox:

Internet Essential

Basic digital needs such as simple social networking, checking and receiving emails with a bit of browsing are catered with the Internet Essential plan with downstream speeds of 5 Mbps and cloud storage of 1 GB. A monthly rental charge of $6.99 is added for the use of the WiFi modem.

Internet Preferred

Several notches higher is the Internet Preferred package where downstream speeds can be as fast as 50 Mbps. Cloud storage allowed is 5 GB and monthly rental fee for a WiFi modem is $6.99.

Internet Premiere

A home business will likely profit from the high downstream speed of 100 Mbps that comes with cloud storage allowance of 50 GB. This big storage allowance enables you to upload huge files easily without buffering and lagging. The monthly charge of $6.99 for rent of a WiFi modem goes with the plan.

Internet Ultimate

By its name alone you get an idea that this particular plan offers the fastest internet speed ever. The downstream speed of 150 Mbps will level up your digital experience to the highest as you easily stream browse, game, and do everything you want to do online. This crazy speed can also benefit a busy family with a busy digital life as it extends to all your devices all the time, every time, and everywhere you want it. The monthly rental fee of $6.99 for the WiFi modem applies to this plan as well.

Big savings are with bundled packages where more is less. Find out how you can avail of great deals from Cox by calling us today.