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Go Fioptics in Atlanta with Cincinnati Bell Internet

In the United States, one of the oldest and most respected telecommunication companies is Cincinnati Bell which has been in business since 1873! The time since the 18th century to the present has seen tremendous changes and expansion with the company that has always pioneered the latest technology as it happens.

Cincinnati Bell in Atlanta is one of the pioneers of the fiber optic technology which they have named as Fioptics to represent their particular brand. What exactly is the fiber optic technology? Fiber optic is a revolutionary idea of using thin strands of pure glass to transmit information digitally over long distances at super-fast speeds.

With these in mind, Cincinnati Bell-Atlanta offers residents the chance to package their internet, TV, and home phone into attractive and affordable deals. There are two different types of service the company offers when it comes to the internet and they are:

ZoomTown Internet

This would be the perfect fit for internet users that only goes online for a bit of browsing, streaming music or answering and receiving emails. Yet, even with light use, the internet speed is fast and reliable at 2 Mbps or 5 Mbps downstream speeds with 768kbps upstream speeds. Online activation is free of charge and plan allows for 5 email addresses with available internet protection. Back-up for online music and photos are available on an unlimited scale. Wireless networking is free of charge.

Fioptics Internet

Heavy internet users will love the super-fast speed tiers offered by Cincinnati Bell which gives them the capability to browse, game, and stream all they want. Available speed tiers include:

Fioptics @ 10 Mbps

Fioptics @ 20 Mbps

Fioptics @ 30 Mbps

Fioptics @ 100 Mbps

Get your super-fast internet speeds suitable for your needs with Cincinnati Bell. Give us a call today.