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Buckeye Internet offers for Atlanta

Buckeye Cable has a lot to offer for residents of Atlanta in terms of TV, home phone, and the internet. It is because Buckeye Atlanta believes that everyone has different needs when it comes to their digital lifestyle.

Buckeye in Atlanta offers different speed tiers packaged along with either a TV or home plan. Stand-alone internet deals are also catered to include the following:

Downstream speeds of 800 Kbps with upstream of 100 Kbps

Downstream speeds of 9 Mbps with upstream of 2 Mbps

Downstream speeds of 26 Mbps with Upstream of 3 Mbps

Downstream speeds of 33 Mbps with Upstream of 3 Mbps

Downstream speeds of 110 Mbps with upstream speeds up to 5 Mbps

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