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Excellent Baja Broadband options for Atlanta residents

TDS Telecom has, in the past, proven its worth in giving great services in entertainment, voice, and the internet for Americans living in suburban and rural areas. The success the company has accomplished in these areas encouraged them to spread their wings and expand their horizons.

This has made the company acquire Baja Broadband in 2015 which has now opened business for TV, home phone, and the internet in Atlanta. Baja Atlanta offers the same wired and wireless connections as what other ISPs have done before, to present day.

Since its opening, Baja in Atlanta has proven that it could meet, if not outrank, other ISPs that have preceded them for there’s nothing more saleable and effective than customer satisfaction.

TDS Telecom does offer wireless options but needs a home phone line as well in order to connect to the internet. This practice does not divert much from the practices of other major ISPs in the Atlanta area where you need to buy or rent a modem. What the company can offer though is free activation of the account as soon as you sign up for the service.

Here are some of the internet options you can get from TDS-Baja packaged to suit everyone’s digital life:

Downstream speeds from 6 Mbps to 15 Mbps

The plan needs a TDS phone line and expected downstream speeds range from 6 Mbps to 15 Mbps with upstream speeds of 768 Kbps. The monthly data cap is set at 250 GB and activation is free of charge. Modem rent for WiFi connection is available for a monthly charge of $4.95.

Downstream speeds from 18 Mbps to 25 Mbps

This is another option offering a higher downstream speed range from 18 Mbps to 25 Mbps with upstream speeds of 2 Mbps. 250 GB monthly data cap is set for this plan as well as free activation. The requirement is a TDS phone line with a monthly modem rental fee of $4.95 for wireless connections.

Baja has other internet options up their sleeves other than the two mentioned speed tiers. However, availability holds the key to getting the fastest internet connections. You can find out if your area is within the range of high-speed internet connections from Baja by calling us today.