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Powerful AT&T Services is now in Atlanta

Internet’s future is in good hands through the powerful services of AT&T. The expansion program of the company made way for the establishment of AT&T Atlanta offering the latest technology in TV, the internet, and home phone which is the fiber-optic or FiOS.

When the power used to be in Giga, the future is now in Fiber and AT&T in Atlanta offers all residents a chance to downstream faster minus buffering with a WiFi connection that can be counted on.

How fast can a Fiber connection be for the internet?

In the past, downloading movies can be a pain the neck, but with Fiber, an HD movie lasting for 90 minutes can be downloaded a mere 34 seconds! TV shows can also be downloaded as fast as 4 seconds and songs for a second. Other than these impressive downstream speeds, another plus factor is the capability to make you connect 50 gadgets to the internet all at the same time, every time, anywhere without giving up on the speed. This makes your family and you enjoy all online activities from surfing, streaming, and downloading everything you love doing on the net.

How can Fiber technology work on TV?

With Fiber, home entertainment is brought to an all time high as you enjoy crystal clear voice and picture. A home DVR that comes with the package enables you to record all your favorite shows and movies for a total of 1 TB. On Demand movies, shows, sports can be accessed anytime, anywhere, in the home or on the go using any compatible device. Another great offer from AT&T for Atlanta residents are the 3 months free enjoyment of all-time favorite channels such as Cinemax, Starz, HBO, and Showtime.

What can Fiber do to the home phone?

Fiber optic works the same perfect deals with the digital home phone as it gives more than 20 combinations of traditional and advanced call features.

Get the chance to save more as well as earn more exclusive deals and rewards by bundling your services with the internet and TV or the internet with home phone. Or go the whole hog by signing up for the triple play of the internet, TV, and home phone.

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